About us
Company EQUITY FINANCE specializes in asset management from various sectors with particular commitment to individual investments with minimum duration three or more years. Investments are made either alone or in collaboration with regional and global partners. The goal of Equity Finance is to effectively manage investments based on continuous product development with a unique and strong position in the Slovak market. Our clients are our partners; we invest with them and share the profit with them.

Equity Finance

Every our client has their own investment advisor available nonstop. These advisors have a perfect overview of investment products and their selection can be adapted to the requirements and needs of the client.

The main assumption for appropriate fulfillment of the company vision are values on which the EQUTIY FINANCE is built:
  • Morality: long-term business relationship is possible only with the respect of moral values
  • Expertise: in the products and services provided as well as all employees of the company
  • Communication: basic assumption for providing services in the required quality
  • Trust: clients trust in the quality of company's service in providing products and services

Equity Finance cooperates with major domestic and foreign financial institutions. For our clients we provide trading on the most significant world stock exchanges in New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow and others. This makes the portfolio of our product attractive even for the most sophisticated investors.