The company EQX FINANCE cooperates with financial experts from CAPITAL MARKETS, o.c.p., a.s. which prepare solutions for severe clients.
Their main role is to provide, easily and cheaply, the trade of underlying financial assets to make realization of whole transaction easier for individual investors.


The company CAPITAL MARKETS, o.c.p., a.s. was established in 1.1.2008 by group of financial experts with huge experiences in the capital market . The CAPITAL MARKET has became a member of the Association of Securities Dealers in 1.2.2008. The company is regulated from National Bank of Slovakia and is a member of the American – Slovak Chamber of Commerce.


To build up the strong securities dealer who will provide to their clients accessible, higher quality and specialized portfolio of services. Our goal is to have the satisfied and wealthy clients. Our purpose till 2016 is to provide services for more than 10 000 satisfied and wealthy clients.

The meaning of brokerage

If you intend to start trading in capital markets you need someone who will be realizing your trades for you. Only member of exchange have directly market entry with permission and obviously paid a considerable fee. This broker will buy or sell securities for you.

Full-service is a service in which the broker, in addition to fulfilling orders for the purchase and sale, provide a consultation to traders. Broker may also consult with trader every market entry strategies and recommend when it is convenient to realize the trade. But the final decision is always based on the client himself.

These services are useful for beginning traders or those who do not have any free time to watch the development in the market. Fees for this services are higher but finally the clients can save a lot of money and help beginners to find the right direction in the market.

For example: Investor after consultation can buy shares of various major companies which also provide dividends. After the certain period these shares are sold and then realize the purchase of other shares.


As a trading company that is interested in long term business in the financial market of the Slovak Republic and the EU Member States we have set fees for clients mainly from positive profit of our investors.

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