Why invest in investment diamonds?

Due to its features resists value and price of diamonds to global economic crisis, monetary turbulences, falls in the value of shares, securities or properties.


Safe investment
Investment diamond is due to its conservative and permanent growth considered as the most stable investment. This argument is supported by a fact, that 10% of the total wealth is stored just in diamonds. Price of diamonds has not experienced decline for the last 100 years and in last 10 years these gemstones grown every single year. We recommend to our clients to use for investing in diamonds financial resources, selected for stable, conservative long term investments.

Unregistered commodity
Unlike real estate, cars, boats or aircraft, which immediately after your purchase have to be registered, you can hide the diamonds. If you do not want, your ownership of diamonds will see nobody. Ownership of diamonds is anonymous and is not recorded in any evidence.

Concentrated wealth
Diamond, due to its light weight (size), accumulates in itself a very large value (eg. price of the cut diamond is about 15.000 times larger than the same amount of gold). This parameter of the diamond makes your investment easily mobile and concentrated, characterized by a light and unobtrusive transporting anywhere. There are not any embargoes worldwide to cut diamonds.

Diamond knows no boundaries – you can buy it in Europe and sell in Asia. It works also as a global currency, respectively you can trade it for any currency.