Why invest to the mutual funds?


Keep in mind that with savings investing mostly into the current savings deposit products, you expose signification risk and a high probability which will not overcome inflation.

Therefore, we recommend in the medium and long term invests saved money into mutual funds.

Each mutual fund consists of several cash deposits individual investors. Mutual fund is managed by management company which invests these investor’s funds in various assets classes in accordance with the investment strategy of a mutual fund.

Advantages of Mutual Funds
  • Opportunity to achieve attractive returns
    Mutual funds gives you the opportunity to achieve an attractive return on invested funds without limiting its height.
  • comfortable presence in global financial markets
    Mutual funds allow you to be participanted in the global financial market with investments in equities, bonds, property, commodities and other financial instruments.
  • Availability of money, not bound investment
    The concept of solutions based on unbound investments allows you, if necessary, an almost immediate availability of money. Your investment is not tied, so there will be no notice period.
  • Transparency
    Investment information are published in regular monthly reports of mutual funds. The status of your investments can be easily monitored regularly on the website.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    When you are buying or selling a larger amount of securities, what is in the case of mutual fund usual, the costs associated with the transaction calculated per security is significantly lower than for the purchase of one security for individual investors.
  • Active management
    Active management allows our investment specialists adapt the fund’s allocation to the current situation on financial markets using the added financial instruments
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