Forex CFD

The company EQUITY FINANCE also has established the cooperation and partnership with a wide range of global brokers which bring a unique opportunity to trade FOREX and CFDs. That means cost effective and simple way trading of major currencies, commodities, stocks with very low fees. Your orders you realize online which is other very great advantage. Because of the low margin, it brings potential for high profits with a relatively small amount of investing money.


One great part about FOREX is that everyone may trade FOREX, but it does not mean it is suitable for everyone. You do not need a large initial capital, just a few hundred Euros. You do not need to buy any expensive software as well. This sotware you will get for free from brokerage company.

The Small initial capital: The biggest advantage of Forex is a small initial capital. There are very few businesses where you seriously started with 500 euros in business and you will get the opportunity to earn much more. But FOREX can give you this opportunity. With using of leverage effect may begin to trade almost everyone. With a small capital you will move with a large money of broker.

The Liquidity: High liquidity means a large number of market participants - about 5 millions and big amounts of money trading for one day – about 4 trillions.

24 hour trading: From Sunday evening to Friday evening.

Thr Ability to trade many different currencies:
Experiences from Foreign Exchange Markets recommended to trade two or three currency pairs. The professionals know that success is through concetration on one or a maximum of two currency pairs.

Thr Availability of information:
FOREX has not central bank and all nformation spread very quickly via the Internet. Virtually nobody is disadvantaged and everyone may quickly respond to key reports. Compared to the shares, there are far more limited machinations.

The opportunity when exchange rate falls:
FOREX brings possibillty to gain profit only if the exchange rate rises (BUY), but although declining (SELL).

The low fees:
Fees are virtually only for spread. Some brokers also take additional fees for trading volume, deposit or withdrawal from broker´s account to the bank account of client.

The transparent fees:
Forex provides transparent fees in opposite to the shares, where after deduction of all charges can be the positive trade in a loss.

The flexibility:
You can trade all over the world. After opening an account with a broker, you can start trading immediately anywhere in the world. For trade you only need a laptop and internet.

We also provide trading with CFDs:

Our clients are both physical and legal persons. The main activities of the company includes:
  • Shares of companies spoločností
  • Stock´s indices
  • Commodities
What are CFDs ?

Generally CFD (Contract for Difference) is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. One of these two parties is the broker (securities dealer) and other is the client (investor). If the investor expects the asset to raise then advise to buy it from the broker. If the rate of assets actually increases then the investor sells it to the broker. Profit for investor is equal to the difference between sales and purchases, respectively on the contrary.

The main advantages
  • CFD contract can be defined as short-term ownership assets without physically ownership by the owner. It brings a lot of advantages and opportunities. Firstly, transaction costs of assets fall off. Secondly, CFDs brings opportunity to do the trade with a relatively large or portable hard assets such as commodities. These benefits provide lower fees, acceleration of trade such as the classical stocks, stock indices and commodities.
  • Then there is the possibility of trading using leverage effect. In practise this means that with a small amount of money with „leverage“ it is possible to control the multiple greater equivalent. Finally, small margin for CFDs brings potential of high returns with relatively small amount of invested money.

For trading in Forex cooperate with the company Goldenburg Group Limited which manages online platform