Portfolio management

Company EQX FINANCE cooperate with financial experts CAPITAL MARKETS, o. c. p., a. s., where they prepared for demanding clients solution with this specialized brokerage company, which main role is simple and cheap convey to purchase underlying financial assets in order to facilitate the implementation of the transaction for individual investors. We prepare for you solution in the form of managed portfolio as program in the portfolio management.

Portfólio management

The three steps for use Investment program of portfolio management

  1. As first in cooperation with our investment intermediator you pass Investment profile. It is questionnaire, which helps us according your answer recommend you which of the four portfolios is the most suitable for you.
  2. In the second step, you as client finally choose of offered portfolio.
  3. The third step is drawn up draft contract of portfolio management, where you will also choose whether your interest to invest as single investor or to use savings program CAPITAL MARKETS, o. c. p., a. s..

Single investment to Portfolio management:

  • In case you have available funds at a minimum amount of 4 000 € or 4 000 USD, you can use single investment program.
  • In it we have the opportunity to invest without charge, but in this case with term funding for three year or with entrance fee, but with possibility to withdrawal your funds at any time and without exit fee.

To the portfolio, which you as client choose, we are allocated shares of stock indices S&P 500 for USD portfolio and EURO STOXX 600 for portfolio invested in EUR. The conservative part consist of cash and bond ETF funds. The Investment Committee of CAPITAL MARKETS, o. c. p., a. s. decide of the allocation of shares and bonds to various types of financial instruments on the basis of macroeconomic indicators. Its aim it so find stocks with the potential growth of about 10 to 15 percent per year.

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