Savings program
For clients who does not have time to monitor developments in the stock market, experts from company CAPITAL MARKETS, o.c.p. has solution in the form of managed portfolios, or in other words portfolio management program.

Program sporenia

Three steps for utilization of investment programe of Managed portfolios:
  1. The first step in collaboration with our investment agent we will go through document called „Clients investment profile“. It is a questionnaire which recommend based on your answers which of the four portfolios is most suitable for you.
  2. In the second step, you as a client will finally choose one from offered portfolio created by our experts.
  3. In third step both parties sight draft contracs for portfolio management where you decide whether you would like to be one time investor or you would like to use Capital Markets o.c.p. a.s. savings program.
Savings program portfolio management:
  • It is intended for clients who do not have available funds for one-time investment but they have a goal to create an account which value will increase according to how often and in which amount you will accumulate and invest your resources.
  • With timely and regular savings you will manage to fulfill your dreams and goals in real time.
  • The program is designed for customers who want to (save) invest a minimum of 100 Euros or USD per month.
The portfolio, which you select as a client, contain shares of stock indices S&P 500 for USD portfolios and EURO STOXX 600 for portfolios invested in EUR. Conservative component consists of cash and bond ETF funds. The allocation of shares and bonds to various types of financial instruments are decided on the basis of macroeconomic indicators by Investment Committee of CAPITAL MARKETS, o.c.p, a.s. Its aim is to find stocks with the potential growth of about 10 to 15 percent per year.

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