Gold is the only real tender which in the long term retains its value. Everyone should have part of their savings invested in precious metals.


Do you want to invest in gold?
Exclusive for our clients we bring the possibility of long term investments by buying physical gold in the form of gold bricks or gold coins.

Generally about gold
Gold is precious, chemical resistance, excellent thermal and electrically conductive metal. It is soluble only in aqua regia and cyanide solution. Gold is a chemical element with the designation of Au (aurum). It is characterized by high weight due to the higher density.This feature can be used to obtain gold by gold panning, when the gold drops to the bottom and is separated from the other elements.

What are the advantages of investing in gold?
  • gold belongs to alternative investments in the portfolio, which complements the portfolio of major asset classes (money market instruments, shares and bonds) it is the long term investment
  • protection against inflation - at a time of high inflation or in the case of geopolitical, respectively economic risks yield of gold tends to rise
  • suitable instrument of diversification - gold has a low correlation with other asset classes (bonds, stocks) and thus contributes significantly to reducing risk and increasing the performance of the investment portfolio
In the riskier times, we also face in Slovakia, the wealthiest clients of banks even more than ordinary savers ask their bankers about option, which will protect their wealth. They draw attention to physical goods that are considered valuable for centuries. Gold and diamonds.